What does this app do?

TasteAvore App, allows you to taste and enjoy our trade event without having to carry around a note pad, pen, business cards, product labels. Simply scan the bar code for each product and if you wish make a little note about the product. You can also scan the bar code on anyones name tag. That's it.

The next day we will send you a single email, one list of all the products you scanned and the notes you made. We will also add more infomation about the product like the price and stock number.

If you scanned a person, we will send you their contact info.

It's meant to be simple, scan away.


Some Helpful Info

Only scan the barcodes we have provided, on the sheet, NOT the product bar code.

We use the info you provided at registration to email back the infomation and share that info as your contact info.

If you don't want your contact info shared, DON'T let someone scan you.


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